Lymphatic rebounding times:
I get questioned in nearly every call about how long someone should use the rebounder. This is all based on which rebounder someone gets. Some rebounders move more teaspoons of lymph per minute and others way less. A bungee rebounder, many people feel they can jump for an hour while on a responsive spring rebounder, in 20 minutes they feel the need to get off.

Also, depending on someones joints, a jarring rebounder will usually make someone want to get off quicker. A rebounder that inverts the ankles will make the muscles tired as they try to keep the foot from turning in. If doing the Health bounce and some rebounder sink to the floor more, it can fatigue the calves more. This is why I don't recommend a really soft spring rebounder or a bungee if doing the Health bounce or any other type of bouncing where you want to stay low to the mat and get enough g force to pump lymph through the lymphatic valves.

Someone whose body is too toxic to process all the lymph flow in one session probably won't want to do it for 30 minutes at a time, but break up the sessions. It is very hard for newbies to do a 30 minute cardio session but its is very easy to health bounce for 30 minutes as it requires very little energy.

​Those that sit at a desk at work usually find that 2 to 5 minutes is all they need an hour to give them the benefit they need. The body when sitting all day can become very sluggish and the lymphatic system when not pumped all day can become clogged, especially in the nodes.

​Using a rebounder for about 5 to 20 minutes is usually the best time as long as someone can process the lymph drainage to the liver. There are some aggressive probiotics out there that can help with this waste before it goes to the liver. I would strongly recommend taking a good aggressive probiotic, not the cheap stuff that doesn't work. Most people I talk to are using some cheap brand they think is good that has very little of the aggressive strains. The aggressive strains are very expensive, not 30 bucks for a months supply I can tell you that .

​I recommend to anyone using a rebounder for the first time to only jump 100 times the first time and no more, then another 100 bounces the next hour, and so on. This way you can know what it feels like to drain just a little bit of lymph and see how your body feels. If you want to scale up or scale back this can be a guide. So many people have not pumped an entire cycle of lymph in so long (even years) that their liver can't even handle the waste when they start. Again, I strongly recommend an aggressive probiotic to assist with the lymph. I do have recommendations. Depending on how aggressive you want to move lymph, that can help me decide how aggressive the brand I choose. I ask almost everyone that calls me what probiotics have worked for them. After asking people for years, the people that say their probiotic helps is almost always the same few brands. None of these are bought at health food stores also.

A rebounder that keeps you weightless for a less time is better for doing the health bounce while rebounders that keeps you higher in the air, being weightless for longer times, such a the bungee rebounders, gives much fewer bounces per minute and less G force. The lymph valves in the body take very little force to open and close them. It is not about how hard you land or how much force you use to jump up. It is about having just enough force to open and close the lymph valves to create a negative pressure. There still should be enough pop that some of the bungee rebounders can't give.

The rebounder that give the most g force without leaving the mat is going to shorten the rebounding times as more drainage occurs with more bounces per minute and having more g force. The Lymphaciser and Cellerciser are my 2 top picks for lymph flushing based on the amount of G force and bounces I get per minute. The bungee rebounder can work but might take a lot longer to get the same lymphatic results as with a rebounder designed for the Health bounce. The bungees since there is more throw should work the lymph capillaries more rather than the larger lymph vessels that take more force to open and close. Just like dry skin brushing, it stimulates the lymph capillaries under the skin but there is not enough g force to pump it to the liver. The bungee rebounders are great if I want to do use my muscles to pump the lymph but this is totally different than using gravity to pump like you would doing the Health bounce.

With a rebounder designed for lymphatic rebounding, it's not just about the amount of g force but the g force at the bottom of the bounce when it puts 3 g forces on the lymph vessels. The rebounders that slow the person down with a longer deceleration right when the feet hit the mat have a lower g force at the bottom of the bounce. The bungee rebounder is my best example. The bungee rebounders have an exaggerated deceleration and I don't feel that pop at the bottom but more of a throwing motion back up. For lymphatic rebounding, unless someone just wants to work out, I try to avoid bungee rebounders. Great for toning, I give it that.

That G force many people feel getting this pop at the bottom of the bounce is what helps move the lymph and flush out the wastes. For people just starting out, walking in place for 1 minute and then doing the Health bounce for 1 minute, then jogging for 1 minute. If you aren't able to jog for a minute you can shorten the time to about 30 seconds until you build up to it.
Doing this 3 step routine for 10 minutes is considered a rebounding session. I find it best to have this repeated 2 to 3 times during the day.

My top pick for doing a shorter lymphatic rebounder session is the Cellerciser. If you have extra time, the Needak is my 2nd pick. This is if you want a rebounder that is good for cardio and toning. If not, the Lymphaciser is the best I've found if only doing the health bounce and not going to do any jumping outside the mat.

Over all, the Cellerciser is more responsive than the Needak. The ReboundAir gives the 2nd highest bounces after the Lymphaciser but I can't enjoy any bouncing out of the mat due to jarring. I strongly recommend getting the bar with any of these rebounders. The Lymphaciser doesn't come with a bar but there really isn't a need since the bounce is so even and I don't really lose balance since I never jump out of the mat.

If you want to compare the Lymphaciser to the Cellerciser, go to my review page here
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