Rebounders for lightweight people

Lightweight people will have a hard time doing the health bounce is the mat is too firm. Their weight won't displace the mat enough to create 3 G forces.  Most rebounders are designed for up to 350 pounds with a non tiered spring. The Cellerciser spring gives the softest bounce for lightweight people as the 2nd and 3rd tier don't completely engage like it does for heavier people. The Needak is fine for midweight people to heavy people up to 350 pounds. When I compare the Needak to the Cellerciser with lightweight people, most light weight people always choose between those two brands. Or the Bungee if the person doesn't know anything about the Health bounce.

Lightweight people who use the Reboundair are fine with it, just like the Lymphaciser but jumping out of the mat can feel jarring at any weight.
It really depends on what the person is using the rebounder for. If for lymphatic rebounding and toning, the Cellerciser is more responsive for lightweight people but for cardio, either is fine but the Needak might feel a little softer for some people.

This is when it gets really hard to harness enough G force on certain rebounders. The springs on the rebounder that aren't tapered or tiered can use the entire spring and if the person is very light they usually won't utilize all the coils. For rebounding for lymphatic purposes, the best one I choose for this weight class is the Cellerciser since it uses just the belly of the spring, the middle part of the spring. My 2nd choice is the Lymphaciser. (note: this is for just this weight range as I recommend the Needak as my 2nd choice in some weight ranges). These weights utilizes the entire spring in the Lymphaciser and the springs are very tiny and have smaller coil counts with a lower diameter so the entire spring is utilized. Totally opposite the Cellerciser

When doing the Health bounce, in this weight range, the springs on the rebounders under 90 grams per spring tend to be less jarring for those people in this weight range. The Urban and Lymphaciser both have very lightweight springs and it doesn't take much to open the minimal tension in each spring. And with higher jumping, a short coiled, light weight springs expand to its maximum tension. It can feel very jarring. If a short coiled spring has tensile strength of 180 Newtons and someone is forcing 200 Newtons on it, then this is when the springs lose their yield strength and spring hooks soon snap. If someone is just doing the Health bounce only, then the Reboundair and the Lymphaciser are my two top picks in this weight range. Depending how high someone is gonna jump out of the rebounder mat will determine which of these two is better.

This is when about half the rebounder springs are utilized. The Needak Rebounder feels great for people in this weight range as it harnesses nearly all the G force from the spring without bottoming out. The Cellerciser uses the 1st and 2nd tier for those rebounding in this range. The Urban Rebounder is definitely out in this range. This is the time when most of my customers complain of their rebounder jarring them. People in this weight range are just heavy enough to feel the sharp impact of a jarring bounce. The Lymphaciser Rebounder has a great feel in this range and people rarely complain about jarring if doing the Health bounce. With the bungees rebounders in this weight it usually takes slightly more effort to jump to get free bounces. Many people in this weight range start leaning towards the smaller mats but there is only slight coning in. It is only slightly noticeable and with higher jumping its more noticeable. At higher weights than this the mat starts to cone in and invert the ankles more. For doing lymphatic bouncing my favorite 2 rebounders are the Lymphaciser and Cellerciser.

This is one of the most popular weight range of users that use a rebounder for lymphatic drainage, mostly women. In this weight range is where there is enough weight to harness enough G force in the springs. This is that range when people need to be careful of jarring or inverting the ankles as the rebounder sinks in more noticeably in this weight. The rebounding problems in this weight range is usually the inversion of the ankles as people jump in the sweat spots of the rebounder. My favorite rebounders are the Needak and Cellerciser in this weight range. The Needak Rebounder gives fewer bounces per minute and much deeper flushes while the Cellerciser gives more bounces per minute but slightly shorter flushes but less jarring if someone is going to be using the rebounder daily they will appreciate this. The Cellerciser with its third tier of springs giving that boost acceleration, wins in this weight range. If you try both of these rebounders side to side in this weight class you can easily tell the difference. The Lymphaciser feels very hard in this weight range. The Reboundair Rebounder feels a harder at the bottom of the bounce as it has much fewer coils giving it less deceleration into mat for those that have joint problems.
In a nutshell, most lightweight people like the Lymphaciser if not planing on doing any bouncing above the mat. I recommend the Cellerciser as my number one choice for those that want to do the Health bounce as well as toning and cardio bouncing. The Needak is my 2nd best recommendation for those that want a multipurpose rebounder. The Needak is going to be a little softer but the Cellerciser is more responsive and gives a much better lymphatic flush. With the ReboundAir and the Urban, buy these at your own risk meaning if you buy one from me, I do not offer 30 day money back trials. The Needak, Lymphaciser and Cellerciser are the least returned rebounders with Cellerciser being rare to get a return.
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