The quad-fold ReboundAir collapses into backpack size! (Update: ok ok, i was talking about hiking gear, this is not urban back packing ok, but it comes with a hand truck for ease of portability, you will need it, its akward to carry without it) Sheesh that would probably sell half the market on it straight away. The nicely integrated legs fold in the frame on hinges and it makes for a tidy packing job. It doesn't have the spring loaded legs like most of the latest rebounders. It still has the original design, a little too wobbly for me. The frame's plastic chassis is semi-rigid, doesn't compare too well with a unitized tubular steel. It great for jogging and doing the Health Bounce with very light weight people. The springs are short barrel springs and might not have enough coils to support higher bouncing with heavy people. Great rebounder for those that are on a budget that want better than the Urban or $50 sporting store ones.
Plastic rebounders just don't seem like they were made for the long haul, at least I don't think so. I've already heard many stories and I've seen pictures of these plastic frame cracking on the spring mounting points. Plastic frames does not work for me! Not for the frame construction, unless you're gonna be using an aircraft grade synthetic, go with a metal frame. The ReboundAir is made with ABS plastic, which is a better and different than the cheap plastic I am referring to as cheap.

My ReboundAir also had no spring cover. Big mistake, really. The rebounder springs are a hazard if exposed due to no cover and their noise sings ever louder without the cover. They now have covers on their newer models, finally. Most people buy a rebounder and no one ever tells them about how to do the Health Bounce. Many people are jumping high as they can and not landing on their heils and getting no benefits that rebounders are known for. This Reboundair rebounder was designed for the Health Bounce and to get a great workout with a focus on lymph. I do not recommend buying this rebounder if you plan on doing toning jumping. Jumping really high feels super jarring on this one. This is why the ReboundAir rebounder keeps you close to the mat. In earlier videos, you can see people trying to jump on it as if it were a big trampoline and they then say they don't like it. Duhhh.. this is not what it's made for. The people who understand the Health Bounce and its benefits prefer the bounce that keeps you close to the mat.

When on the Reboundair I've gotta keep a keen watch on my precious ankles when trying to assume a good rebounding posture on most rebounders as it inverts readily if you plan on jumping all over the mat. Please note that this rebounder was designed for the Health Bounce only. If this rebounder is used as was designed for, you probably won't have the problems with inversion that the longer coiled springs often give. If you jump near the edge, you can get more bounces per minute on this rebounder if you are very heavy so you don't sink into the middle. If you jump near the center, less. Sometimes, with different routines you might want more or less bounces per minute.
This is the ReboundAir Quad-Fold Rebounder. ReboundAir springs are a different color than any other spring we have
tested on the market. 
The hinge on the ReboundAir Rebounder is much different than the other hinges. Their legs do not screw in or 
pot in.. they sorta roll in a very unusual way. I prefer the spring loaded type for better stability.
ReboundAir mats are Permatron and are very high quality. They don't have the Polyester stitching like some of the higher end mats but still better than those potatoe sacks. ReboundAir's ABS plastic frame is made of the best plastic you can get though. 
It reminds me of the plastic they used to use on play grounds such as plastic swings.

The bounce is no where near as bouncy and will not jar you when doing the Health Bounce if you don't leave the mat. Jumping slightly outside the mat, I can't say it doesn't jar me. This does have single tiered springs with tapers. 
edge and one foot in the center so you can keep your balance while jumping. With bouncing on any rebounder, always make sure the spring hooks are facing down so you don't get sliced by the end of the spring hook, especially if there is no cover.

ReboundAIR is a registered trademark and RebondAir's Ultimate-Rebound is also a trademark of the American Institute of Reboundology, yes, they got that down pat.
Orem, UT. on the west coast.  The videos and written and any other comparisons are based on the rebounders we have bought and have experience with and our own results are accurate to the best of our knowledge from ours or my experience from our personal observations and our research. This page and our website is for our informational and educational purposes only.
This is ReboundAir's new red one! Approved for the Health Bounce. 
This ReboundAir Rebounder is not made to be a bouncy rebounder, certainly not. The ReboundAir Rebounder is for those who want to get the Health Bounce WITHOUT LEAVING THE MAT OR JUST BARELY BOUNCING SLIGHTLY ABOVE THE MAT. People not doing the Health Bounce will not like this if they are looking for a bouncy, soft rebounder.  If someone wants to see how how hard it is to do the Health Bounce on a very soft, bouncy rebounder, and try to get the same number of bounces per minute at 3G forces as with the Rebound Air Rebounder, you just can't, or at least I have not seen anyone do it. The ReboundAir is the original design for the Health Bounce. Many companies can try to copy it and find out the type of alloy they use and come up with a similar design but it never will feel like the Rebound Air.

I would recommend the ReboundAir Rebounder for
Increasing Circulation - gives more since you get more bounces per minute, less air time
People who are acidic that have low energy reserves (this rebounder uses less energy to get the number of bounces as it is designed for the Health Bounce)
Lymphatic movement (The ReboundAir rebounder sets the Standard for all rebounders that give the Health Bounce), it gives the right number of bounces per minute but I don't find the comfort comparing it to a Cellerciser or even a Needak.
Headache prone people (you do not have to jump above the mat as high up doing the Health Bounce to get 3G forces)
Lighter weight frame, easy to carry (plastic weighs less than heavy gauge steel and is easier to carry) Plastic gives it a slightly less grounded feel but if you can't lift the heavier rebounders this is good. I personally don't like the feel of a plastic frame.

This ReboundAir Rebounder is made just for the Health Bounce. The ReboundAir has a much shorter spring and does not have as many coils as the other rebounders that appeal to those that just want to bounce and have fun. The ReboundAir Rebounder is made to move lymph... not to see how high people can jump as seen in some videos Note: The people in those videos are never landing 100% of their weight on their heels and then rolling to the toes to push off.

 Those that say the ReboundAir is jarring have no idea what the Health Bounce is and don't know how to use it. If you aren't planning on jumping to the sky, and only bouncing slightly above the mat, this rebounder should do what it is known for, the Health Bounce. After all, ReboundAir is the company that started the Health Bounce. Almost every book in every bookstore shelf that sells books on rebounding talks about the ReboundAir brand in their referrence and the Health Bounce was created by Al Carter, the pioneer of rebounding.

This ReboundAir Rebounder does not give a lot of acceleration. The short springs do not stretch out far enough to spring me back into the air like the soft rebounders. The ReboundAir Rebounder is made for a narrow weight class (not heavy people, although it "does" work for them but can bottom out. Just check to make sure it doesn't if you decide to try it). It appears that they made the springs in mind with their target market, which are those people that need to lose weight by the Health Bounce they are known for. As long as someone is in the weight class that tested positive for the Health bounce, and other factors that you personally choose that fits your own needs, then this should be a great rebounder. Rarely, the ReboundAir gets returned for those that know what rebounding is all about.
You really don't need the bar with the ReboundAir Rebounder if you are ONLY doing the Health Bounce and in the weight class that I found to fit best for the Health Bounce. Not everyone's weight can get the perfect Health Bounce. A 350 pound person would bottom it out although it is rated for that high of a weight to jump on. A person 150 pounds would get a totally different bounce than a much heavier person as the springs are single coiled and don't adjust to your weight. This is my 2nd best rebounder for the Health Bounce while the Lymphaciser is number top model for lymphatic bouncing ONLY but not for toning or anything that requires bouncing high. See my Lymphaciser page if you want to compare this rebounder. Go to Lymphaciser page here.
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The ReboundAir Rebounder spring on the left is way lighter and shorter than the Cellerciser Rebounder spring on the right. The Needak Rebounder spring is in the middle. The Cellerciser spring gives me the most fluid bounce as it is hard to bottom out the spring.

I actually bought a scale to weight each spring. The ReboundAir Rebounder spring weighed in at only 88 grams per spring, the Needak came in at 2nd place at 92 grams spring and the Cellerciser came in first at 106 grams. 
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