Rebouding for Detox
About 80% of the people coming to my site are needing a rebounder for detox or lymphatic drainage. Rarely do people spend 400 bucks on a mini trampoline if its not a medical reason or there is a reason the 50 dollar one or the Urban didn't work out for them.

When detoxing on a rebounder, especially if dry skin brushing first (you can put a piece of brown paper bag under you and collect all the dead cells, the sebum and metabolic wastes the body tries to get rid of from the skin.
NOTE: if someone is trying to detox, and not sweating afterwards, please contact me. Most people do some sweating each day but if you don't, this turns the whole thing around. I hope those that aren't sweating daily are taking some type of aggressive probiotic because after all the wastes go to to the liver if its not being sweated out. Don't set yourself up for failure. I urge people trying to detox to know what they are doing. Dislodging the fat soluble toxins in by rebounding is cool but if not releasing them its not a good thing. Most people ignore the second step.

​Many people can get odors and blemishes after rebounding over time as the body has a harder and harder time riding these wastes. I'm not trying to scare people away from buying a rebounder but most people don't do it the right way and probably shouldn't be rebounding in the first place. 

The skin is the largest detox organic so when the lymphatic fluid that rests just below the skin is full of toxins, the skin won't have that healthy glow. Many people have an odor on their skin from the off gassing of these toxins trying to go through skin. (Note: I strongly recommend not wearing nylon or polyester clothing when rebounding.

For detox, the rebounder that moves the most lymph of all the rebounder, the Lymphaciser, might not be best for everyone as the amounts of lymph it moves might be too much for people who cannot process all the waste in their liver. Many people get headaches and blemishes and bloating if they rebound too much and they can't produce enough bile to turn the fat soluble toxins in the liver to water soluble so you can sweat it out or urinate it out.

If the bile is not enough, all the Health bouncing can possible just be a big waste of time. If the body can't eliminate it it by not turning it into the water soluble waste, it goes back into the body for the lymph system to pick it up a second time, third time and so on. If someone is going to be rebounding daily and wants a medium amount of bounces per minute (unlike the ReboundAir and Lymphaciser which give the most), the Needak and Cellerciser are my top 2 picks. The Cellerciser has more g force so the flushes are can be stronger than the deeper bounce from the Needak. For detox, I don't recommend just doing the Health bounce but doing cardio routines in the session to start a sweat. The ReboundAir and Lymphaciser feels too jarring to me so I don't like doing cardio on those unless I am simply running in place where I don't get the ballistic impact. The Needak is great for detox too but due to the fewer bounces a minute I get I need more responsiveness in the springs. The Bungee has the least responsiveness so that is definitely out of the question for detox. I do give it an A+ for toning with the high amplitude and time it allows you to be in the air.

Over all,
#1 pick for detox - Cellerciser
#2 pick for detox - Needak
If I had to pick a third, and I had to think about this for a long time, I have to give it to the ReboundAir.
It has slightly more spring to it than the Lymphaciser, which I rate 4th for detox.
Many of my customers say that the Cellerciser makes them itch, some even said that it feels like mosquito bit them.
This is actually from those that are rebounding properly. When the itching starts the session should be stopped immediately. This itching is very common on spring rebounders when bouncing while barely coming off the mat. When the lymph system and blood circulation happens faster than the body can handle it. This is why they say to only go 2 minutes at a time. If bouncing with your toes first no one I over talked to has got that itchy feeling. The Cellerciser emails were the only ones that mentioned this itchiness. This is probably because their is more G force at the bounces without jumping high off the mat. If jumping high off thee mat their will probably be no itching and therefore the hydrualic pump in the lymph vessels will not be created. 
There are 2 types of toxins rebounders can help with. Gut toxins and fat toxins. Many people don't understand is that fat soluble toxins are the only toxins that can get filtered through the lymph vessels. For those that have a toxic gut, those aren't the toxins that the fat is holding. This is when aggressive probiotics help. People that do not have an aerobic metabolism usually get the least benefit from rebounding. These people will move toxins to the gut but the body has already exceeded its capacity to metabolize the waste. Usually from a toxic liver that can't produce enough bile to turn the fat soluble toxins to water soluble. So guess what. They can go right back into the fat and rebounding doing the Health bounce could be all for nothing. Cellulite is where the body has very low circulation and is a great place for holding toxins.

When people first start rebounding they can mobilize all the sequestered toxins. Better said, stirring up all the mud that has settled to the bottom. This is usually beyond the liver's capacity to clean what was just dumped. Many people might have headaches or skin eruptions, even more swelling when trying to reduce swelling. Many people have inflammatory conditions and not doing it right can make the body more inflammed. Google Zeolite, many people take this along with an aggressive probiotic when starting a detox. Those I've talked to who take a probiotic notice a more pleasant detox when taking aggressive probiotics. Zeolite binds these toxins so they can eliminate easier. 

Rebounding can help pull out toxins from our tissues to the liver where the bile changes those toxins making it water soluble so it can be dumped into the large intestine. Many people do the Health bounce and move the waste out but don't bring nutrients back TO the tissues. I strongly recommend a concentrated green super food. Also, if the liver has a hard time breaking down too much lymph because many people overdo the Health bounce, the body will have to expel the toxins through the skin and lungs. Bad breath is common when this happens. Skin breakouts are also common with people who have toxic livers. Fixing this can for some people be as easy as taking zeolite, a good probiotic, and green superfoods. The nastier the taste, the more potent it is. The sweet smelling green powders that taste good are not the type I am referring to.

Remember, for those who have lymphatic issues, please be careful rebounding for more than 2 minute intervals at a time.
For people that have inflammation in their body from a sluggish lymphatic system, if certain people rebound more than 2 minutes at a time, all of the thickened, dirty lymph fluid might not be able to be processed by the liver fast enough. If too much gets toxic lymphatic fluid gets circulated at once, it can be just moving toxins from one area to another causing further degeneration of the body. Most people who have inflammation in their body are in homeostasis. The fat is holding the toxins so the body doesn't acidify. Draining the lymph slowly for some people can be better than just say, going on a Lymphaciser and trying to move as much lymph per minute as you can. If trying to clean the body out too quickly by overdoing the Health bounce, it can make some people sick to their stomachs. Having the bar can keep you perfectly balanced and allow you to lean almost 100% back on your heels. By not having the bar this takes around 30% less of the g force off the heal and just by that the body is pumping way less lymph fluid. Most people that have the bar get the fastest lymphatic cleanse but people who do the health bounce perfectly might need to take some precautions first. Doing the health bounce where almost 100% of the bounces in the whole session are on the heals is when doing just 2 minutes makes the difference.
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