The non foldinding Lymphaciser is my favorite rebounder for doing the ONLY the Health Bounce. It has way less coils than the multi-function rebounders like the Cellerciser or Needak Rebounder but I consider this the most serious detox rebounder. This give the most bounces per minute of all the rebounders I've tested without the jarring. I do not like it for bouncing high outside the mat as it it is intended for low amplitude bouncing. It is funny that most of the people who get on it try to jump high like they would on a regular tramploline. Because it has fewer coils. so it doesn't throw you up so high to get the G force. The best rebounder for the Health Bounce is a low amplitude, high repetition, with sufficient G force to open up the lymph channels. This is exactly what this rebounder does for me.

I would seriously consider the Lymphaciser rebounder as a decision to make if you are considering starting a detox program. I would choose the Lymphaciser as my favorite for doing a rebounder for the Health Bounce. 

The 36 springs don't weight nearly a much as the multi-function types, but if someone is only trying to do the Health bounce, I would recommend this one.

The mat's edge also has 2 layers of polyeaster webbing around the edge which keeps it from fraying like the mats that I warn people about on my mat page. The cover for the rebounder is made of Kodra. This doesn't offgass like vinyl.

Aside from the quality of this rebounder, I love the rainbow webbing. I just love rainbows!
New Lymphaciser
This Electrically tuned Rebounder is balanced and gives an even bounce.
This is only designed to do the Health Bounce. The springs are single tiered, no tapers, short coil. If trying to do anything but the Health bounces you will not like this rebounder. (at least most people don't). This is out of all the rebounders I have reviewed the best lymphatic rebounder on the market.

Note: The Lymphaciser is not digitally tempered, it is electrically tuned. Just so people do not confused. Digital tempering is done on the Cellerciser spring. Tuning is done on the Lymphaciser. They are made with totally different technologies.
old style springs. These were the older type.
The new springs look different than the first generation springs.
These are the new type springs for the Lymphaciser. Single tiered, high carbon, no tapers
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