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​Jarrring - reason for return
Listen, if I bought a rebounder and they told me it wouldn't invert my ankles or jar me, I should be able to return it and not pay a restocking fee. If anyone is concerned about a rebounder not being right for them, I would get it in writing on what you expect for a return if it doesn't meet the expectations the manufacturer claims.

Health bounce not able to do
Ok, this is one of the biggest of all complaints of all time. This is more with bungees rebounders as many people buy bungee rebounders and get home and expect to do the Health bounce for lymphatic rebounding. For the record, on a bungee rebounders, you have to jump high, get a higher amplitude, to stretch out the bands. If anyone thinks they can get 3 G forces by barely leaving the mat where the bungee cords barely stretch and get that G force that will flush their lymphatic system, I just simply can't deal with people that are this ignorant. It's not my job to explain physics for those people that just really want the bungee and keep asking the same question 100 different ways because they want me to tell them something differently. NO.. A BUNGEE IS NOT A REBOUNDER I RECOMMEND FOR LYMPHATIC REBOUNDING.

​Chemical smells:
Rebounding should be detoxing. Someone that has to return a rebounder because the rubber off-gassing is giving them a headache should be able to without a restocking fee. Rubber stinks when I leave a rebounder with rubber feet in my car, even if its in the carrying case. That just makes it hotter. You don't really smell it unless you put your nose up to it but still, I don't want that rubber off-gassing in my home.

​Free stuff not included:
With some brands, they don't even offer a cover or a protective cushion for their rebounder. Some companies don't offer the case for free and make you buy a carrying case. Free shipping is another thing. This is also another way to tell if an authorized dealer is authorized. If they charge you the shipping during their 30 day return policy, and if they gave you free shipping, then that must mean you don't have to pay the original shipping if you decide to return it. This would make their return policy false since they didn't charge shipping. Places like Amazon offer free shipping and many times they are not authorized dealers. Also, about holiday coupons. Many of these companies have a higher retail price on their site but on holidays or when they want to make the customer feel there is a legitimate reason to discount, they offer free shipping. A bungee rebounder can cost 90 bucks to ship. Many people get angry when they get a coupon in their email for $100 off and free shipping. Thats 190 bucks off a bungee rebounder is this happens. Cyber Monday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, New Years or Christmas Sale are the most popular times these coupons are emailed. My best advice if you want to see what I mean is to sign up to be put on their mailing list. Or email the manufacturer a question. Wait a few weeks, or even a month, and watch to see if any coupons come in. If you don't bite on the first coupon, they usually send a better coupon the 2nd time. I have copies of all the coupons from almost every rebounder company since 2004. Better than the coupons, are the prices for the same rebounders they charge in 2004 till now. These rebounders have went up in price almost double since then. The Cellerciser is the only one that was the same price for all this time although now they charge 25 shipping. The 2004 Cellerciser is nearly the same price as it is today. They were 365 back in the day when they first came out while most of them were 190 to 220. The Needak and ReboundAir for example, have raised their prices several times since 2004.

​Pro-rated warranties:
Prorated warranties are something that really pisses people off down the road. This is problem that happens after a while after people have had their rebounders. If you have a 36 springs that have a 2 year warranty and after a year they break and you need a new set, guess what they prorate the cost and if 50% of the warranty was left and you had a year left of warranty, they make you pay 50% of the spring cost. I doubt they care as the still aren't losing any money. If the springs stretch out, thats not covered as that is considered normal wear and tear. Oh and guess what, on that next set of springs, they might not have the 2 year warranty anymore. Either way, most people get screwed over when they realize what the real warranty is. This is why I like rebounders that are strait up with their warranties. The Cellerciser has the longest warranty, 5 years on everything. If a spring break 4 years later, they will replace it. The thing I like about Cellerciser is if one spring breaks, you don't gotta change all 36 of the springs since they are self adjusting to my weight. With most spring rebounders, if one spring now has a higher tensile strength than all the others, this is when problems occur.
Scam: (Notice to those buying REBOUNDERS on Ebay or Amazon)
The warranty period starts when the seller bought from the manufacturer. Amazon stocks rebounders and the real warranty may have started a year ago. They might say there is a life time warranty but there is usually a 2 year warranty on the springs and pins that may be already half way used up even before you buy it. Beware of the LIFETIME warranties. They are so BS to me
Urban rebounders have a 1 year limited warranty. Needak and ReboundAir has 2 years on some of their parts. Cellerciser has the longest warranty, 5 years on everything. Lifetime warranties are usually on the frame and legs which I have NEVER in over 10 years seen a freakin frame break.

Fake Unauthorized dealers:
I don't know how they get rebounders being an unauthorized dealer. All the rebounders we well get shipped directly from the manufacturer and they provide tracking that originates from the manufacturer's warehouse. There are Chinese knockoffs which are just good enough to make people keep them. Also, there can are also fake imitations of the real brands, like Needak and Cellerciser, and the ReboundAir. Check Alibaba and you can find all kinds of rebounders like this.

30 Day return Policy BS Policies
If you see a 30 day return policy, make sure you really really really read it. When you buy over the phone they brag about their 30 day policy so you will buy right then and there and not worry if you don't like it. Think again..........
What many rebounder companies do is they make you pay the cost of shipping to you when they get it, they deduct that. And you also have to pay the shipping to them. If you didn't pack it well, they can say it was damaged and charge you a restocking fee of 20 percent. They say that if the rebounder is in "used condition" then they automatically charge a restocking fee. How in the f.... am I supposed to know if I like their rebounder if I don't try it.

So a 400 dollar rebounder to actually return can cost you 80 bucks for the restocking fee, about 35 each way for shipping.. so thats 150 you gotta pay if you don't like their rebounder. Plus if you don't have a box you gotta buy a new box and have it specially made to fit the rebounder. (many times the heavy rebounder messes up the box by the time it gets to you). So, keep this in mind. I don't believe in this. If someone buys a rebounder from me that they bought because I recommended it, I give 100% money back minus the shipping and don't charge a penny even if its scratched for a restocking fee. I can use them as demos in my videos. I do not believe in restocking fees with rebounder returns. It's not like you can just go try one at the store up the street.

Lifetime warranty scams: Buyer BEWARE
NOTE: THE LIFETIME WARRANTY is the most BS warranty I have come across in any industry. Do the fix it every time for the lifetime of the rebounder. Heck no! They do it just once which in over 10 years I have been selling rebounders, I haven't had anyone call me with a broken frame or broken leg. A car could run over the frame or I could drop it from a 10 story building and the frame won't break. It's a solid piece of freakin metal. Most problems happen when the springs are not oiled and they get hot and break from the hook friction. Nope! They won't give you 36 more springs either. The manufacturer won't cover any problem if they believe it was the fought of the user also.
I recently busted a company for using lemon juice on a competitors springs to make them sound overly squeaky. The video I exposed is now taken down. I have a pitch meter and 
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