The Lymphoine Rebounder is the SOFTEST spring rebounder on the market due to its patented spring loaded legs. If someone need a soft rebounder, this is a great one to get as you can't get less ballistic impact on any other except a bungee rebounder. You will want to wear shoes while jumping on the Lympholine. This rebounder has a much different feel than a circular rebounder. I have sold this Lympholine since I heard about them without a single return. It appears that since having the shock absorbing legs, they got around not having almost all of the spring absorb all the impact which means people don't have to change springs as often to maintain responsiveness. I have had mine for years and never had to change a spring or leg, but then again, I never jump outside the mat. I do get people calling that broke a spring all the time, usually from kids that are clowning around on it. This eliminates having a longer coiled spring that stretches out way too much that gives fewer bounces per minute. If you tap on the Lympholine springs with a spoon you can definitely tell if the springs are made of the same alloy used in standard 3.5 inch springs designed to stretch for a soft bounce.

This Lympholine Rebounder is innovative as it gives a great bounce. When these were popular when they first came out on the market, I tied this with the Cellerciser as far as health bounce quality. Being square definitely gives it a different feel, especially near the corners than a round model. I still prefer the Cellerciser as the rebounder that gives me the best health bounce.
As long as you know what to expect when getting this rebounder you should have no problem with it.
This is the alternative rebounder for those that don't want a round rebounder. The Freedom Spring is a trapazoid shape. It doesn't invert but I can't recommend it for the Health Bounce.
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