Rebounding for Bone Density:
When choosing a rebounder, think about which type can build bone mass the best. Bones can become stronger and even more dense from any stress given to them.

More G forces put on the bones have been shown to make bones have a higher mineral density. Many people have osteoporosis that call me who worry about fracturing their bones while rebounding. The funny thing is, the bone clinics that I have talked to encourage rebounding to prevent fracturing. Everyone asks, does a bungee or a spring rebounder build better bone density? That answer depends on the current state of someone's bones. If the bones are so low in bone density that even just walking hurts, that can help me choose which rebounder type to get. What we don't want is the wrong rebounder that is too jarring, but also not a rebounder that removes all the ballistic impact like a bungee so that there is not enough G force.

Every day someone is contacting me about their bone density issues and I can give advice people who have low bone density have taught me. I want to state  first right here what I tell everyone with bone issues so I don’t have to keep repeating myself. Most Bone Density issues are first and foremost caused by nutritional Unless…'re an astronaut in space or someone who is wheelchair bound. 

In many cases certain rebounders are better suited for certain conditions based on how the manufacturer's have designed them. I've found that some of these rebounder manufacturers do not take into consideration the biomechanics of the body and sometimes design a rebouner that can exert harmful force on the body and make certain conditions worse. Sometimes a manufacturer might design a rebounder for one type of movement application but market and try to sell it for a completely different kind of bouncing that it really is not supportive for the person. I do my best to try to expose this on my site.

Perfect example, if someone has really weak ankles or planters fasciitis, then I usually have specific recommendations of which rebounder should create the right kind of tension on the mat so that it stays almost completely flat the whole way through the bounce.

OK, for those people who have a bad back I would choose a spring rebounder no questions asked. It seems that a bungee would be a lot more gentler on an already compromised back, but it is not. I have sold both bungee and spring types of rebounders to people with bad backs and just about everyone that rebounders on an everyday basis likes the spring rebounder if they have a back problem or want to increase their bone mass. If there is not enough G force the body cannot stimulate the growth hormone (HGH), and the bone cells cannot do their job. Based on what I have learned, even if a bungee model is easy on the back, if the back is not too much compromised, the g force is much different than on a spring rebounder. The difference in force is a push versus a pop. Each can have 3 g force but if you have to come out of the mat so high that the negative pressure in the lymphatic vessels is paused when you are air born, then the lymphatic flush might slow. 

Every bone doctor has told me that bones need G force to build back up and to regrow. I am not making this up. Google "Wolfe's Law" if you don't know about it. So many people also bounce and land on their toes and even if they have the right rebounder they usually won't get the benefits that rebounding offers. 

The Cellerciser and the Soft Bounce Needak are my two favorite rebounders for people who have bad backs. The Cellerciser has a different feel than the Needak but both will give the same results as far as bone density is concerned. With the Cellerciser, you don't have to jump so far out of the mat to get the same G force. The Needak has a deeper bounce. But, the deeper the bounce the more inversion.

With a really bad back most people don't want to have to bounce higher to get the same flushes they can get with a lower bounce. This can be really to firm for most people that I talk to who have bad backs. Concerning bungees, I would only recommend the smallest Jumpsport model, as it gives more G force with the smaller mat and you don't have to jump so high to gain G force. With a smaller mat it gives more bounces per minute which helps flush more lymphatic fluid per session.

Rebounders for Bone Density
Bone Density Favorites:
Best: New Cellerciser
2nd: Needak
3rd: Jumpsport

The lymphaciser is my 2nd best pick if someone doesn't have a bad back and is only going to be doing the Health Bounce.
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