People call me with hip problems. A spring rebounder is always going to be easier on the joints than any other type as the benefits I talk about on this site do not require you to jump any higher than outside the mat. My best advice is to avoid any bungee rebounder if you have a hip especially, and a back or knee problem. It is the inversion that causes the problem, not the jarring. It can be just as bad for those who have these problems.
The more the ballistic impact the rebounder absorbs, the better the rebounder is for the Health bounce. The less it absorbs, such as on a spring rebounder that has too much give or certain bungee types, there is less jarring but more inversion. Knowing which rebounders have too much of this impact or not enough that it inverts or cones in is very important and picking out just the right rebounder for you.

The right rebounder with just the right ballistic impact with the least inversion is a very personal decision. This mostly depends on the weight of the person. As you get lighter or heavier, the bounce quality changes. (Note: the Cellerciser adjusts to your weight so there is never a problem with people of different weights as the springs 3 tiers adapts to the persons weight. The Jumpsport is the only bungee that I have found that is good as someone's weight changes over the course of time.

By having a higher bounce with less jarring, you are giving up G force and numbers of bounces per minute. This is not a good thing for those trying to do the Health bounce. When the bounce that some people say is soft might actually be a bad thing. Many people keep their rebounder for years and they like how soft it is. If trying to get at least 3 G force to do the Health bounce, when the springs have lost most of their initial tensile strength, most people don't know to change them.

​Consumer Notice: Heavy people beware:
Low carbon springs have lower maximum tensile strength from the start but higher minimum tensile strength. Lightweight people usually complain when the tension is too high and they can't get "enough" bounce. The Lymphaciser which is my favorite for doing only the Health bounce is the one that almost everyone that tries to jump high outside the mat complains to me.

The Rebound Air Rebounder has the least yield due to its low number coil count spring. The Needak Rebounder has the most exaggerated deceleration and acceleration.

Note: I always make sure I get a 30 day return policy if I don't like the rebounder. If the rebounder is too jarring or too soft, I don't always know just by jumping on it for one session. When rebounders invert or there is too much ballistic impact, the soreness comes usually some time during the first 30 days. So if you get a bungee rebounder and think its the most comfortable bounce. Or you get a spring rebounder with too little or too high tension, I never make my decision on a rebounder until at least 30 days.
Blood Poisons and Fibrin: Notice to those with joint pain.

Fibrin is what is circulating in the blood of most people who are sick and toxic. Fibrin can sometimes be a good thing in that it is what the body uses to heal up wounds and forms them into scars but what is probably the cause of all the health issues that people call me about, is because the fibrin gets into where it shouldn't be. The body when trying to maintain homeostasis, goes in a healing crisis, moving all the fibrin to the blood trying to stabilize the body. What's happening here is we are becoming too stabilized to the point that our joints start getting stiff because of this.

 Almost every person that calls me who has a bad knee or weak ankles usually needs to remove excess fibrin from their body. Most people like this seems to have stiff joints and have a hard time walking too.

 Their muscles are super tight to the point they can't even touch their toes without bending their knees. The fibrin gets into the muscles and joints so it screws up our entire life to the point where we can't do things with ease like we used to. Most people just accept that as they get older. They will feel stiff and old. Many people have inflammation in their intestinal tract and should take precautions if rebounding. Even with rebounding unless the gut is healthy, it's gonna be pretty tough assimilating all the wastes being dislodged by the lymph. It's not a good situation for those that don't know what they are doing.
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