This is not the oil to use on a rebounder. I don't even use 3n1 oil anymore. Graphite all the way. nothing else is better. Other wise you will be oiling it every few months to keep the squeaking down. If you do it right, you only need to do it once every 10 years. Yes, 10 years.
Note: On some rebounders the actual noise is not coming from the springs. Its coming from the resonating of the rebounder. Some rebounders are low gauge. Just 5 extra pounds of extra steel can make a rebounder resonate way less. The Cellerciser is the heaviest gauge rebounder at 39 pounds, the Reboundair is around 33 pounds.
Rebounder oiling problems:
There has been a huge controversy related to certain rebounder companies I won't name doing my rebounder testes with the most popular brands that use springs. What's controversial is what the consumer doesn't know is that some companies have been altering the springs to make them appear loud and squeaky while on camera.
A high end spring rebounder that is oiled right can be as quiet as a bungee cord rebounder.

Fake test :Number 1
Do NOOOTTT oil springs. Many rebounder companies that try to compete with each other oil their brands rebounder but not the others and make the competitors rebounders sound loud and squeaky. Whats funny, is when you go to site of the rebounder that was noisy, they on their site show it being quiet. Its so fake when companies have a review on their site and ONLY their rebounder is quiet. I'm not an idiot. I know what a spring sounds like when you soak it in lighter fluid to get all the oil off to make is sound like mating candors.

Fake test #2
Soaking the springs in fresh lemon juice and letting it dry. The acids in the lemon juice not only oxidize the springs but can cause excessive friction on the surface of the coils. Overtime, as it eats away at the finish on the spring it will become louder and louder with usage.  The sound of a spring thats soaked in lemon juice will make an horrible sound with a pitch that does not even sound the same as a springs that need to be oiled or haven't been oiled in a long time. I did a sound pitch demo to show this. Stupid lies and bogus reviews cannot remain hidden for long. Truth is going to eventually be revealed, thanks to some one who gave me this tip off. Too bad some of these companies who hire people to do these tests eventually quit.

Fake Test #3

Freezing the rebounder springs. We all know from school that when metal gets cold, it gets very brittle. By freezing the springs in the coldest part of the country (which is what I heard) then attaching them to a mat during setup, the spring coils can be very resistant to movement, as the atoms slow down and leads to squeaking. Visually, this is just another way that even in person doing the video could visually see that the springs were tampered with. Its just another way to make another rebounder sound bad.

Fake Test #4
Finding the poorest quality springs out there you can find and also not oiling them. And stating that all metal springs for all rebounder sound like that. Ive heard  that one of the companies or whoever did the review for them, they even went so far as to replace a high end, original rebounder springs with the poorest quality springs. It's very hard to tell in a video that this has been done. I know the sounds of each brand of rebounder spring weather its Cellerciser or a Needak or ReboundAir and in the videos they sound nothing like them. Seriously, buy one yourself and don't oil it. It sounds nothing like these fake review sites make them sound. It is sad that these companies have to make these bogus review sites and reviews on their sites to sell their rebounders.

If anyone see a video or review that's in question that looks bogus, I would love to see. That goes for my site too also. If anyone sees any video or anything on my site that someone doesn't see as accurate, please let me know so I can look in to it. I am serious. Please use my contact page first and if I agree with you after researching it, I will make the necessary changes.
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