Rebounder Cover Comparisons:
There are many types of protective spring covers.
1. Cloth type covers
2. Plastic type covers (usually made with Velcro)
3. Leather type covers (very rare as they get moldy)
4. Rubber type covers (neoprene) Don't buy if you have allergies. These are the most common
5. Naughahyde type (best one)  material they use in boxing gloves.

Remember, if you are not getting the balance bar, I strongly recommend getting the cover with your rebounder. Many companies charge you extra for the cover. If getting a bungee rebounder, its very important as you don't want to fall through the cords, those metal fasteners can cut me. The Jumpsport doesn't have these as they have self adjusting "knots" to adjust the tension. They also have a very good cover on their bungee cords.

A thick cover will also dampen any spring noise. Some covers are very thin and are not protective if you fall, they are just their mainly for looks as far as it seems. I wish the Cellerciser naughahdye cover fit on other rebounders because this is the thickest and most sound dampening cover I have found. (for those that don't oil their springs).

If you don't have the spring cover and a bungee band or a spring hook break, it can really hurt if the spring bounces back and hits the top of your ankle. I have had this happen to me only once.

I strongly recommend buying a naughahyde cover which is the most protective cover. Also this type of cover has no formaldehyde smell when in the heat. Most rebounder companies now don't add a cover unless you pay extra for it. Companies are now starting to replace the nylon and plastic covers with high quality naughahyde. Make sure you ask for this type of material if you have any chemical sensitivies. The Cellerciser now comes standard with the naughahyde cover and you don't have to pay extra for the cover.
Needak cover                                                                     Cellerciser cover - Naughahyde
The Bellicon in the picture does not have a cover. I urge people to get the 49 inch model so there is a larger sweet spot so you don't step into the cords. See their 39 inch model. I strongly recommend getting a cover if you get the smaller model.
The mat is big enough that I never step outside of the mat onto a bungee. The 50 dollar rebounder has a cover. I have no idea what its made of but smells like petrochemicals.
On some rebounders they do not have a cover at all. The rebounders without the covers are super loud. Watch my videos where I show this. Oh, and Barney at that roach in the picture right before I get remove it. Gross!!!
This material tears very easy, especially when trying to fold it, the material always gets in the way. Its just a piece of fabric unlike naughahyde material. Very little protection if you fall into the spring cover.

EDITOR'S CHOICE: I will only use rebounders that have no off gassing or covers made without petrochemicals. I urge people to use rebounders with Naughahyde covers that are thick and are UV resistant. Also a thick cover doesn't get stuck as easily into the hinges like the really thin covers.
​If you have balance problem, having a good cover with a balance bar is the safest way that I bounce.

If you don't get a good cover, please don't call me up telling me your feet are all bloody!!!
A final word on rebounder covers:
If you plan on sweating on the cover or leaving it outside, some covers are not UV and water resistant. A cover like the naughahyde cover does not need to be wiped down each time and I can leave it in the snow or hot summer sun and not worry about damage.

The best cover is Naughahyde and my 2nd choice is a quality fabric type cover like the New Zealand Lymphaciser uses. Both of these types of covers have no off gassing.

If you have any chemical sensitivities please let me know on my rebounder quiz.

this is an example of a rebounder cover that off-gasses and has an aweful smell to it.

See my Rebounder Off-Gassing page
I don't even know what this material is made of. I have no clue. But all I can say is that it smells like chemicals.
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