Seeing is Believing

Edited for a reasonably short attention span, these videos can relieve much of the tedium assoicated with consumer research.
I love making videos and my obsession with rebounders can be your ticket to familiarity! Enjoy!

Which rebounders mark up your floor?
Children still remember what's important.  The adults forgot.
Needak and Urban Rebounders Separated at Birth?
Someone freakin STOLE my Cellerciser!
Here's a definitive test on a rebounder's vertical impact on the skeletal system, and the color of my underwear.

Here's the word on how I travel my rebounders.

This is my FAVORITE Cellerciser video David Hall did. NOTE: This is the OLDER model, NOT THE NEW DIGITALLY TEMPERED MODEL. Make sure you get the latest model. See our pictures on our spring page to see what the older sprngs looked like. They now stopped selling their analog tempered springs but many are still out there being sold by dealers that have old stock.
Busted at the Airport with my Cellerciser
My growing awareness of the benefits of rebounding and its most common side effect (fun) led me to create and grow this web site. It doesn't matter to me which rebounder you get. If my site can help you to choose the right one, I'd love to hear it, and if you need help, just let me know. 

I have no allegiances!! I believe in nothing!! Ratings are based on relevant info, only! NO fake reviews (wanna see fake reviews)

Superior. Nails it! This rebounder does not want to fuse my backbone and spine, wake up my neighbors, or make me walk wierd. In addition to representing superior engineering in the name of good rebounding, this  4 star rating means that a bond has been formed and it'll prolly made me late for work or class. This rebounder will evoke superlatives and poetry and needs no excuses to sell it.

Good. Obviously conceived to accelerate lymph circulation and a decent health bounce, provide uniform cellular flex. Invigorate without triggering fight or flight. Not as impressive as a 4-star rating. possibly because of ignored details, overpriced, or lacking in a few eatures.

Decent. This rebounder justifies the price category and rarely comes in under $100 dollars. Sound and reliable construction, relatively hassle free operation but very limited. Provides a decent bounce and very noticeable cellular flex, and being safe to use earns this rating.

Wack!! Bunk!! This is a cheesy trampoline and does not serve me or anyone I know. Substandard  and subpar construction and materials. Impractical to transport or use for the Health Bounce without my knees needing an ice pack, an orthopedic threat(excessive vertical impact or pronation) and a bad buy because of price and just and inferior product earns this rating. This rebounder can only be sold if its misrepresented by a sales person.

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