Beware of dealers who have the older "analog" spring editions. These are not the same as the newest models but look the same. See my spring picture above to see the difference in the analog and the digitally tempered spring. All of the rebounders that ship directly from the manufacture are the newest version. I throw in freebies with the Cellerciser as I don't have to pay double shipping. The manufacture ( drop ships for me. Places like Amazon stock their rebounders and double shipping costs (to them and to you) take about 25 to 40 dollars which I give back in freebies (see the bottom of this page for the list).

Shipping takes 2 days to get to Caifornia and about 6 days to the East Coast. I am not always availabe to answers calls so if you want the freebies you can also call the manufacture at 800 856 4863 and mention you want the freebies. The discount code to get the freebies is Raw Living Foods.
Cellerciser.....I guess their name says it all. This rebounder says, I'm on the mission" will work on the toxic cellular cesspools and keep the cells toxin free from stagnant tissue. I am so down with that!
​The Real deal, the trifold triple tiered model, gives a match for any bungee or even the New Zealand Lymphaciser a far as smooth lymphatic drainage. At maximum load, the bounce cannot be matched by any other rebounder. Their sophisticated springs allow a 100 pound person to satisfy their bounce the same way a person well over 300 pounds will. The mat is also better as it doesn't fray after a few years, Its made of seat belt material. 7 layers of stitching. 

The feet will not scuff up your tiles or carpet. the feet are made of polymer, not rubber so not only does it not leach a rubber off-gassing smell, it doesn't rub off and mark up the floor. The Cellerciser is made for people with chemical sensitivities. (i've sniffed it after being in a hot car all day in the hot sun. Try this with a nylon and rubber rebounder. not good. This is made with polyeaster and non leaching material. With the trifold, there is no excuse. I take it everywhere I go when I travel. Its so chic. The Cellerciser trifold is the benchmark based on every evaluation.

Me Unpacking my New Cellerciser!
Cellerciser is the rebounder that made by automated robots. Nothing is hand welded. Every detail is precision crafted. There are no inperfections like hand welded models. Many hand welded ones get off balance and I have to stick a piece of duck tape under one of the legs as the legs don't lay perfectly flat even on flat ground. Not with the Cellerciser as its proven to have no cold spots in the frame. Everything is uniform. I cannot dispute the quality.

The new Cellerciser is also molded in 100% tungsten molds. This is the most expensive process to build a frame. I don't know of any other rebounder that has this type of molding. The high carbon steel of their springs (rather than just stainless steel) also account for the higher cost of this rebounder. They NEVER need to be replaced or should never break by rebounding.

The Cellerciser has a totally different bounce than any other rebounder due to its 3 tiers of springs. Out of all the rebounders I have tested, having high carbon really does make a difference. The bounce over time adjusts as the spring hooks mold to the frame. My Cellerciser that I have used for years feels much better than a fresh one out of the box. It adapts to your weight.

​This is the only rebounder I know of that uses robotic welding. Almost all other rebounder have cold spots. The Cellerciser never has a wobble. The only wobble is from legs that adjust to the side to side movement which is a type of wobble but not from a frame that is not perfectly even. The Cellerciser can be sprayed down with a hose and clean all that sebum and dead skin shaking off. Other rebounders you don't wanna do this. Rust!!!
Also, sweat won't hurt the Cellerciser hurt its polyeaster stitching and Permatron.
The Cellerciser has SEVEN rows of FOUR-ply threads on their mat. 
Their triple tired spring has 2 coatings of silver alloy on its carbon spring. Their spring cover is made of Naugahyde, the same thing that heavyweight boxing gloves are made of.
Cellerciser  frames are welded 100% from robotic welding. There are ZERO cold spots in the frame (no bubbling either). They also have spring hook covers (see picture below) so the springs don't slip off when you travel.

Notice: Cellerciser springs (Triple Tiered) look very similar to a barrel spring (Rebound Air).

The pictures on some of the websites make them look similar when in actuality they are not. It's hard to show how the triple tiered spring stretches differently than a barrel shaped spring that doesn't stretch in tiers. Please review my spring review page if you want to learn the differences between springs from the major brand rebounders.
​I would recommend the Cellerciser for
Those who NEVER want to change springs.
Those who have ankle and knee problems
People who have low bone density
Families needing a balance bar who are different heights. (their bar is self adjusting so it's height can be adjusted in 3 different heights)
Those who want to do leg kicks (front kicks and side kicks to tone legs) The wobble legs help throw you back up straight 
Those doingthe Health Bounce as well as aerobic workouts and toning routines.
For those who are very heavy - 350 pounds will not bottom out this rebounder
For those doing daily Lymphatic drainage who are concerned about jarring
Those who live where they will keep it in the hot sun or outside in damp climates

The Cellerciser is much heavier than other rebounders due to the heavy gauge steel frame making it a little harder to carry. Their tri fold has rollers on the bottom of the case and makes it easy to move around. The heaviness makes it have a more stable feel than the light weight rebounders. Most people don't mind the extra weight to carry around when they also want a sturdy rebounder. The springs are super heavy and also add to the weight.
The more folds a rebounder has the better. 2 folds are better than none. 3 folds, such as their tri fold, is the best you can get. It's like a triangle formation that keeps the impact towards the center. When I jump against or with the grain I was never thrown off it. I do not like the non fold rebounders at all. There is nothing I like about them over time. At first they seem ok but as the frame warps you see what I mean. I have some rebounders that I cannot even jump on because one of the feet doesn't touch the floor and every time I jump it now wobbles, just like a table that warps and you have to put duck tape under the leg. The tri fold Cellerciser is much heavier than the half fold giving it a very solid, stable feel to the ground. The half fold is stable but the tri fold is more of the commercial, professional grade. It is way worth the price if know what it feels like. It is really about a 20% difference in feel over the half fold or the tri fold. Both are the same except the frame and the heavier weight of it.
Do you need the Cellerciser Balance bar?
I will say that 95% of the people that order without the bar call back within 2 weeks to order the bar. If not bouncing for lymphatic drainage and not concerned with the Health Bounce, the bar is not usually a necessity unless someone has balance problems. With the bar, if you don't have it it will be super difficult to do front kicks and side kicks as it will throw you to the side off the rebounder. I can work my muscles much better when holding on to the bar and my workouts are a night and day better with the bar. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to use a rebounder for years and years to get the bar. The bar is cheaper also when it ships in the same box as the rebounder so you don't pay 18 dollars to get it shipped separately. People get upset they have to pay extra so I always tell people up front that I recommend the bar. I have not had one person say they wished they didn't get the bar.

All Cellercisers fold. A half-folding one is better than a rebounder that does not fold. The breaks in the frame keep, especially on the tri fold, keep the impact towards the center. It is much easier to lose balance on a rebounder that does not fold as their are no breaks in tension. Also, non folding frame warp quicker. I've seen some rebounders that one of the legs doen't even touch the floor due to the frame warping. There is about a 20% difference in feel between the half fold and tri fold. They both give the same bounce as the only difference is the extra hinges in the frame.

Very lightweight people tend to like the Trifold better and heavier people like the bounce of the half fold better. I strongly recommend using the balance bar if you are doing Health Bounce. It makes bouncing much more uniform.
The newest Cellerciser Pro now has Double Coated High carbon springs. Each spring has a coating of alloy that absorbs the heat so the spring doesn't lose its yield strength and tension. You don't have to change them every 2 years because of this.
The newest Cellerciser has a dual coating of silver alloy. The ANALOG SPRINGS do not have this.

The latest Cellerciser springs absorb this heat from the high carbon middle of the spring. All the new Cellerciser springs have the same initial tension. When you tap on the spring they should all sound the same. The new cold tempering process is what makes them different than analog springs. You won't have to change the springs as the springs don't overheat anymore even with high stretching and with heavy people. The newest springs weigh 106 grams.

Buy a Half-Fold with bar or Tri-Fold Cellerciser and get
Free Carrying Case
Free one hour raw consultation on the raw diet) $55 value
Free Dealer co-op cost on any Infrared Sauna
Free Dealer co-op cost on any infrared Mat I stock
This offer is only good on the latest Cellerciser model.
New Cellerciser Models
Latest Commercial Grade Cellerciser Cold Tempered Spring Edition
Digitally tempered triple-tiered springs
Polymer feet - No rubber off-gassing
Electrostatic Chip-Free paint
4 Ply Polyester Threaded Mat - 7 Thick Rows of Stitching
If you want your Cellerciser to go out a few days sooner, you can order directly from the manufacture. Mention the freebies you want and the code Raw Living Foods or the offer on this site and I will send out the freebie package. This freebie offer is only good on the order form on this page or using the coupon code.

You can call at 1-800-856-4863.
You can Mention code "Healthy Trampolines". That is the other code I use too.
Make sure you ask for these extra freebies. Free shipping is included on freebies.
Make sure you get the latest model Cellerciser. Make sure you ask for the digitally tempered spring version.
The latest Cellerciser has 106 Gram Digitally tempered springs in the picture. Beware of unauthorized dealers who have old stock selling the older analog model. Both of the springs in this picture are Cellerciser springs. Notice how the coil count differs from the older model.
Cellerciser Pro Special Offer
Newest Digitally Tempered Cellerciser 
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New Cellerciser Models
Buy a Half-Fold or Tri-Fold Cellerciser and get
Free Carrying Case
Free dealer cost on any infrared sauna we carry
Free one hour raw consultation on the raw diet) $55 value
This offer is only good on the Newest model.