I have put up a chart the most popular complaints based on all the years of selling rebounders.

#1 Problem: Inversion problem (pronation of the joints)
The last thing most peole want is to invert there ankles while jumping. Number one reason for returning a rebounder
Yes, this is the area where it hurts! If I can't even jump near the sweet spot in the middle and it hurts my ankles, shouldn't I be able to return it if I want
Having to constantly use my muscles to keep my ankles from cocking in really upsets me when I try to do the health bounce.
Jarring my knees comes from these inferior made rebounders that feel almost like concrete at the bottom of the bounce, or on a bungee if I let my ankles invert cuz my muscles are so tired to keep them straight. Its not fun bouncing up and down when your ankles are cocked in the whole time.

On a crappy rebounder, my ankles always get jarred first but my knees next. If someone has a knee problem it is usually the 2nd Lower lumbar that usually hurts, that is if the deceleration is too jarring. With a bad spring rebounder, jarring is almost as bad as a bungee inverting on a large mat that is way too soft.
Chemical exposure on those that leach and off-gas petrochemicals and other formalydehydes. That stinky new car scent the rubber feet give off and the nylon stitched mat.
Go into al tire store an you will see what rubber is like when it leaches. Have it at home where the doors are closed and also see what I mean. Those cheap rebounders made of rubber and plastic are not a good thing to those chemical intolerant.
I need to travel with mine, like nearly every day. The trifold cellerciser is the easiest to travel with, but the half fold is great too. It folds in half with hardly any effort unlike its cousin that is like a human bear trap. If you read my reviews you would know this one! Needs 2 people to close the freakin thing. One to stand on one side, while another is closing it.
HOW versatile!
 If you want to leave it outside in the hot sun, and let it bake, then you probably won't be happy when you bring it inside
and your house starts to smell like plastic or rubber.  Rebounder are good when they are versatile. It can be left outside or inside and even when it's raining or snowing in the hot summer. With my rebounder, I can hose it down and it won't rust.

Even Bouncing
A good rebounder should harness almost all the energy put into it, and not dissipate. This type of rebounder will utilize the energy I put into it to my benefit (free bounces when I want them). Some springs can harness much more energy more better than others springs. Tapered spring harness energy much better than a single our double coiled spring.
It is not fun to mop up those rubber marks on wooden floors from a rubber rebounder foot.
Get a rebounder with non leaaching Polymer feet or if you are lucky you can buy polymer feet from Cellerciser, you can put them on your rebounder that is already marking up your floor.

Things I urge people to watch out for when buying a rebounder.
​1. Make sure that every spring (yes, every spring) sounds identical at the tap of a teaspoon. This shows if there are any flaws in each of my springs or air bubbles from a crappy analog tempering process. Digitally tempered springs don't have any air bubbles in them and are the densest springs if high carbon.

2. Look for paint that doesn't flake and chip away. When the paint starts to flake off, the rebounder starts to rust. I like rebounder frames that have electrostatic powdered paint that stays on and doesn't flake off.

3. Hand welded rebounders that have the "cold spots" in the weld that make it prone to snapping over time. Better rebounders should never have a wobble due to the "cold spots" or imperfections in the welding. The best welding type for a rebounder frame is done by a computerized robotic welding. This is a much more expensive process. Only a few rebounders have this.

4. Stay away from those mats made with nylon that are not made of Permatron. I also prefer the 4ply versus the 1 ply stitched mats. The best rebounder mats I've found are made out of polypropylene. This is a way more expensive material than of nylon. This material is also weather resistant and should not  warp like the others mats when we left them outside. The sun should not hurt these types of mats like the nylon mats.

Lifetime warranty scams (see my scams page, I talk a lot about this on this page here)
Some rebounder companies that advertise a lifetime warranty, I seriously do NOT trust. When I actually read their warranty in detail, and yes it is hard to find since it's not written that clearly (probably on purpose), that if their springs or mat are not damaged by reasonable or normal wear & tear that they consider normal, they will replace the mat or springs but only ONCE during the "lifetime" of that rebounder. So the lifetime warranty ends when that first problem happens. Not cool in my book.

BEWARE: Some lifetime warranties don't cover every part of their rebounder. When the springs wear out in 2 years from reasonable wear and tear they said they will NOT replace the springs and I had to buy a new set of 36 springs. They only replace them if they were defected. Otherwise people would keep the rebounder for 25 years and get free brand new springs every time they wanted them.

Mat Sag
"Bottom out" on a rebounder is when I am jumping I am hitting the floor instead of being properly supported by the rebounder. This problem usually happens when someone sinks too much and there isn't enough lift. Mostly from low tensile springs that are low carbon. Tapered springs has recently solved this problem as a tiered spring is said to adjust to the user's weight. Triple tiered springs prevent mat sag the most. Rarely people utilize the entire 3rd tier of a triple tiered spring.

Folding VS. Non-Folding rebounders:
Many rebounder companies will say to you that their non folding model is built better since it is more stable since it does not fold. If a rebounder is well built then it doesn't matter if it folds or it is a non folding model. The quality of the rebounder is determined by the type of springs, the mat type, the stitching material, the welding, and the finishing. A rebounder that is not built good will show signs that it is poor quality if you know what to look for. If you do decide to get a folding rebounder, the ones we found that are the best are the ones with C-channel locking over the hinges. I would not buy one if it did not have that.
If you want to see how really jarring your rebounder is, you can start humming while you rebound to see which rebounders jar the body.
The lungs are an audible way of showing just how a rebounder jars a person that sometimes is notvisible to the eye or easily demonstrated when watching a person jump. 

To feel the best example, I recommend everyone drive to a sporting good store and see what a $30 to $50 rebounder feels like. If you jump on a high quality rebounder just after bouncing on an inferior model, you will probably notice the difference immediately. Many people buy these lower quality rebounders and never know any different. They get turned off by the whole idea of rebounding since it jars their body and gives them knee and back aches. Moving lymph should be very gentle, barely leaving the mat.
Spring and Bungee cord Complaints
Know how to measure if springs or bungees are giving evenly distributed tension across the mat.
One of the biggest concerns when purchasing a rebounder should be to make sure that it is not causing the body any mis-alignments. The main cause of this is from bouncing on a rebounder mat that does not maintain equal tension, and also a flat surface throughout the whole bounce movement that does not cone in

A basic test is shifting 90% of your weight on the mat to one foot, and watching to see if the mat is coning inwards or dipping into a cone shape where that foot is. With a high end rebounder, with proper spring tension, this should be very minimal or nonexistent. My rule of thumb is that if there is coning in, then that rebounder was really designed for high altitude jumping which is what we more commonly see in acrobatics and gymnastics training routines, not a rebounder designed for lymphatic drainage.

The other almost foolproof test to seeing how good bungee cords or springs are balanced or evenly tempered is the bowling ball test.
Bring your rebounder to any bowling alley or “borrow” a ball from the bowling alley near you, which probably doesn’t even exist because no one wants to bowl anymore, they’d rather sit in their rooms and use their Wii or smartphones…. Next, position the bowling ball over the center of the mat. I would get some white chalk, or preferred colored chalk, and draw a perfect equal cross in the center. You can get a tape measure and find the center of the circle based on taking the two crossing diameter measurements. If you failed geometry 101, then this test should be impossible for you. In that case just email me for the answers. 

As I was saying, position the bowling ball at the same height for an ever drop. I like to hold my arms out perfectly straight without my elbows bent, then drop onto cross below. Make sure to do this outside!! That way if the ball bounces off it will not damage your wife’s favorite hardwood flooring.

So, if my rebounder has even tension, the ball will do several bounces straight up and down in the center without deviating far from center. It’s normal for the last few bounces that are just a few inches high for the ball to move off center. If you had the opportunity to test multiple brands like I have in my videos you would see the big differences between brands.
This mat works best balled up as a pumice stone and is so very over-taut.  The simple, perpendicular mounted stainless steel springs are short versions of those Florida storm door shutters. And the person who provided me my example, had gone through 3 of these in the past 2 years. She totally wore all of them out, ripped all the cleats off the mats, just with simple gentle rebounding. I led her to a rebounder designed for the Health Bounce and she'd seen the light. 

Look at this freakin mat! I seriously would not be surprised if it came off a potato sack!!
It makes an awful noise that screams cheapo- get -off-  b4-you- crush-your- precious- knees. jeez......l
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