Final note on this rebounder:
I would only recommend the Urban rebounder to:
Gyms using rebounders for aerobic classes - never use for the Health bounce
People looking to get an only an aerobic workout, mostly running in place, not jumping
Exercise, only - not the best rebounder for lymphatic flush due to jarring.

The Urban rebounder due to its smaller mat does not have inversion. It is way to firm to do the Health Bounce and can jar even the lightest person if trying to do this type of bounce. It is too high of an impact bounce. It is super responsive if trying to lay down and build up your abs. Its great for that. Only a very small selection of people using a rebounder will enjoy this rebounder.
This typical rebounder is a grade above a sporting good store:
Sorry to say this but I have to really mind my ankles if I wanna to to work tonight (on my feet, having to run around in a raw food restauraunt for at least 4 hours). This rebounder is what I call the brother of Needak built on a -- essentially -- the same bi-fold frame structure, its components fails me in the end. 

So definitely not for those with delicate physical conditions or rebounding with room mates. The Urban model sounds like the rickety-rack alarm now when it wears its ill fitting balance bar that made me what to take it off the first day and return it. Whenever its actually fitted properly, the balance bar is supposed to be intended assist giving more bounces per minute, and help keep you more stable, but in this case, it seems, to wake my neighbors.  
The overall impression is overall flimsy and, shimmying with all except a most perfectly vertical bounce which requires me to have full concentration, as the bounce is unpredictable and can have un-certain radial bias from bounce to bounce to bounce. If you enjoy getting a little crazy sometimes, like me, you could hurt yourself on this one. Please, please choose a more solidly built rebounder instead of this one. You will be thanking me later. I mean it.

Even at 150lbs, I can bottom this rebouner out, which is not just the only bad news about the semi-tapered spring rebounder, but bad news for my precious ankles, knees, hips, and spine thats already screwed up from before. Also, when I'm less than sufficiently hydrated, it feels almost like my brain is bouncing all around in my head.

Keeping your eyes on the mat's edges for sure will help, bit watch out for edge fraying before it becomes a dangerous problem.

It certainly will do in a pinch,  as it's "hinge-chewed" spring skirting attests.....
The hinges were very similar to the other hinges that look almost like this but the Urban frame weighed much less.
I still pro-rated the size of the Urban frame since its frame is smaller but the ratio was still even lower.
The Urban Rebounder is the smallest of all the rebounders I tested. The next size up is the 28 inch and then
the 39, 44, and 49 inch models.
The tear is from normal usage, I did not rip this and make it look like a real flaw. On some rebounders, you can switch the cover for a higher quality one but not for this size of rebounder as this is smaller than the standard 40 inch rebounder.
The hooks also don't have hook covers like the more expensive models have. The hook can come through the pin so I strongly recommend carrying a screw driver with you in case the springs come off. they are hard to get back on.
The Urban legs I have to say are  good as they do adjust to the ground which prevents the rebounder from an unstable wobble but the little yellow spring covers seem only temporarily as they always fall off. Every one that has ever had one for a long time that I spoke to does not have the yellow covers anymore. They aren't like the Cellerciser where they have metal spring hook covers so the springs don't come off if you fold it.
Oh my KNEES!!!
I had once considered giving this rebounder a full test along side all the other brands. But that would have been a hazard!!
I'd honestly rather let rabid goats chew up my knees than jump on this rebounder!
And please don't think that because it is cheap that it's for the kids! That assumption can haunt you all the way to your pediatric orthopedist!
If you really wanna understand how sophisticated a serious rebounder is like, just go down to your local big box sporting retailer and they'll show you a similar type on the floor (they usually cost 50 bucks). Compared to those, this can be downright dangerous!
There's hardly enough give in the mat to avoid shaking my kidneys up into a froth and I won't have those precious joints for long, especially my knees! My precious knees!
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