Even bouncing and inversion:
Note: Many rebounders can have the same quality bounce but the sweet spot, where you jump makes one better than another. With a rebounder that is not right for your weight or one that doesn't have self adjusting springs, the sweet spot becomes smaller. With rebounders that I don't approve of you have to jump with your legs further apart to avoid your feet cocking inwards if you bounce too far to the center. This is hard on the knees as you aren't jumping directly up and down with your feet but at an angle.

The most important thing in deciding on the type of bounce is knowing if you are going to be doing the Health Bounce and your weight. Heavier people will have to stand closer to the edge so they don't bottom out on certain rebounders. Also, knowing if you want more air time or less time in the air is important. Please let me know these things on my rebounder quiz.

If you want more air time, the bungees give the most air time and give the best workout as far as cardio is concerned but for lymphatic reasons, its bunk. A Rebound Air for some people is a perfect rebounder as all they are doing is only the Health Bounce but trhing to do what its not designed for can be jarring. The Lymphaciser is the ultimate in lymphatic rebounding but is the worst when doing anything other than that. For a Health Bounce only rebounder, the Rebound Air is my 2nd top recommendation and the Lymphaciser number one. The Cellerciser gives just slightly fewer bounces but you can do cardio as well as toning exercises. The Cellerciser has the best over all bounce quality if using it for multi purposes. The Bellicon is the best for working out and core. If you are going to be rebounding every day and have any kind of joint problems, the Cellerciser is the best for every day bouncing.

​Note: With the Needak Soft Bounce rebounder, which is my 2nd best multi purpose rebounder, if someone is very light (under 100 pounds or way over 200 pounds), the hard bounce might be more appropriate. The Cellerciser is number one because a heavy person and a light weight person get the same bounces per minute as with a heavy person the 3rd tier coils are engaged and the first and 2nd tier simply hold the weight so you get the same bounce as a lighter person. 

Although the Cellerciser has about 20% less bounces per minute than the Rebound Air and the New Zealand Lymphaciser, it gives a stronger flush and doesn't jar you if you happen to jump higher out of the mat. It is really hard when each manufacturer says their rebounder is the best when their can't be 10 different Bests. Picking out the right bounce is very personal.

The Rebound Air and Lymphaciser spring have very few coils while the Cellerciser has the longest amount of coils although lightweight people will rarely use the 3rd tier unless jumping very high. (see my spring page to see what the different springs look like)

The Needak springs are almost as long as the Cellerciser springs. The longer the springs the softer the bounce is and the lower the ballistic impact (see my ballistic impact ratings here). The only sacrifice with longer springs is the sacrifice of G-Force. This is why the Cellerciser only uses enough spring based on a persons weight. Even though the spring is longer not all of it is used. For lymphatic drainage, the less spring you use the better.

If doing the Health Bounce, since you are going to do it for about 10 to 30 minutes a day, you want just enough G force but not too much that it is jarring. This is why most people return rebounders because it hurts their knees usually after the first week.

​With the Rebound Air and Lymphaciser, the bounces per minute are the highest of all rebounders. The Lymphaciser gives slightly more bounces per minute with less G force so it is not jarring. The Rebound Air is great but I've found it mostly best for lighter people.
Bounce Comparison: Final word
Before picking out the a rebounder that will give you the bounce you want, make sure if the Health Bounce is going to be a part of your daily routine. If not, then this changes the whole game. Most people aren't spending over 300 dollars just to have a regular mini trampoline. Also know if you want more bounces per minute with less G force or you want less bounces with higher G force. Both have their pros and cons based on indvidual needs.

If there is not enough g force or not enough bounces per minute, such as on certain bungees, it can make it hard to create the negative pressure in the lymphatic valves to flush the lymph system. With the Cellerciser, jumping on the edge will get you more bounces per minute as this changes the amplitude of the bounce, but less of the spring will engage. The G force will feel differently as you can have half the amplitude but twice the bounces and vice versa. If you are jumping at the same amplitude as you would be near the center of the rebounder as you would on the edge, then you would notice a huge difference in G force.

If you need help choosing just the right bounce, take my rebounder quiz.
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Take the 
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