The JumpSport is the latest in bungee rebounding (update, the Hexagonal bungees are now the latest, see my hexagonal bungee rebounder page). Their newest model, the 370 model, has far exceeded my expectations in bungees. Just like PacerMat revolutionized the rebounder back in the 1980's. I stand by these next generation Jumpsport models, especially their latest 370 model.
The Fitness Trampoline, the next Generation in bungee rebounding. These are shipped from the USA,  either on the east or west coast,  depending on which is cheaper to ship

With this new generation of bungee band rebounders, you do NOT have to match band that is suitable for your weight. The bands are now adjustable. The only difference is the quality for longevity of the cords, not the tensile strength. Now, the new cords on the 370 are finally available.
The smaller bungee rebounder is the one that I recommended for individuals who suffer from severe back problems. The larger ones can pronate more too.
I recommend this rebounder for:
Those who want a silent rebounder. (unless you sweat a lot on the cords, they are very quiet. The cover comes with the rebounder.
Those who can't sit still while watching TV or on the phone who want no noise while they jump (unless you use graphite on spring model)
Headache prone individuals (this has the least ballistic impact of all rebounders, just make sure the tension not too soft. You do need "some" resistance for lymphatic bouncing. I go to the firmer bungees so I don't bounce with low resistance as in the center.
The footprint is around 42 inches in diameter because of the arch type legs.
The frame and leg quality is made of commercial grade construction.
Most people buying a bungee rebounder call back and get the bar. I get much more out of my workout with the bar. It is NOT just for balance.
I was super impressed when I used the Jumpsport 370 rebounder. I could not believe that they figured out how to have 7 tensions in each bungee cord. I don't have to ask people their weight anymore to make sure they get the right cord with the right tension. They have a unique elastic cord that is supposed to be 12 times better than standard cord designs. In 2010 the Flexbounce was one of the best sellers and now the FlexBounce is just, well, I won't say it's overkill, but something rated at 6 million cycles is just ridiculous.
I no longer have to tell people to get a second set of bungee cords. I will just say that.

This rebounder is also 18pounds. Very easy to transport, even with its 15 gauge steel frame. The new mats are also made of Permatron, which is the most expensive mat, not canvas. The frame is chrome plated and is rated at 11.75 inches high. You get very deep and gentle bounces with this. Low inversion with their smaller mats. The legs are also arched so the legs don't tip causing warpage to the frame over time. This rebounder handle weights up to 250 pounds.  The frame is also 39 inches in diameter.

The newest 370 model for has 7 tension levels.  Many people want to start out with something soft and as their density increases over usage, they can adjust it to become more firm. A lighter person might want to have the tension set on a lower setting to get the Health Bounce while a person around 250 pounds might want to to set it the level 7 to get the Health Bounce. This is a nice invention in bungee rebounders. An improvement from having to choose a one strength bungee band and hoping that it has the right tension before you buy it.
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