Bellicon Rebounders:

Note: I do not promote the bungee for doing the Health bounce. The Bellicon is great for exercise as any leg muscle contractions help stimulate the lymph. So technically, the bungee rebounders are good for lymphatic drainage but not effeciently like doing the health bounce. 

The Bellicon is the most expensive rebounder in the USA as it is imported. If you are ever in where they are from, and you can bring it on the plane you can get them without the import duties and dealer markups in the states. There are a few places in Canada that sell them also.

The latest Bellicon rebounder is the 49 inch rebounder. This gives the highest bounce of all the rebounders, especially with the extra strength bungee bands. This also gives the fewest bounces per minute of all the rebounders I have tested. The 39 inch is the one that I like the best as it gives the least pronation. I do not recommend going barefoot on the bungees.

The air time on the bungee (the more the bigger the mat you go), is the highest. You get more air time than time on the mat which is great for toning and building muscles as their is more time to do weight bearing exercises on it. You get the best workout on the 49 inch. The 39 inch is great for those that want to pronate the least but as far as working out, if you are going to spend this much for an import rebounder, most people I talk to go with the 49 inch. You will be happy that you did. The 49 inch really works out your core and if doing shoulder exercises, the 49 inch burns me out in about half the time as the 39 inch one.

The bottom of the bounce on the larger mats harness much more G force so if you are 200 pounds, you feel the G force much more with the larger mats. What I can do in a 1 hour workout on the small size mats might take 30 to 45 minutes on the 49 inch. It really is that much better. The lymphatic flushes if you have the extra strength (tensile strength bands) on the 49 inch gives a much deeper flush although the fewest flushes per minute.

​Note: If two or more people of different weights are trying to use one rebounder, you can't change out the bungee cord tensions like you can on the Jumpsport where you can adjust the tension quickly between different people. So if the Bellicon is going to be used for family use, please be aware of this.

If the tension is too soft you don't get as many free bounces and if it too firm for someone very light weight it can make it hard to get a bounce. By knowning the how many free bounces you want to get per minute (using no leg strength to gain bounce), this will determine which strength to get.

The ultra strength bands have the highest tensile strength but the lowest yield. If you are trying to bounce for cardio exercise it is good to know the right tensile strength based on your weight. Note that the bands can lose its initial tensile strength over time. If you want to work your lower body out harder then the extra strength is what I would use. If upper body is more important then having a low tensile strength bungee. With these you have more time to work your upper body between bounces.
Review of the Bellicon bungee rebounder:
Basically, if you like to jump high and are not concerned with doing the Health bounce. With the Health Bounce you are not supposed to leave the mat or just barely. If you try to do lymphatic bouncing with a bungee, you have to jump high to gain G force which is the opposite of the Health bounce. The health bounce is all about repetition and keeping a constant negative pressure as the lymphatic valves open and close.

The Bellicon is designed with super slick engineering. If buying the rebounder I strongly recommend the folding legs. You never have to replace the legs and they don't get jammed as the fold super easily. The screw in type legs with can often get lose as you jump and every few weeks you have to tighten up the legs so one leg isn't longer than the rest.

The Bellicon sets the standard for what a workout should feel like on a rebounder. Bellicon was the first in the bungee type rebounders, then Jumpsport, and now the new Hexagonal type.

The choice is if you want a bigger mat (49 inch) that will give a better workout or a 39 inch smaller one that pronates less and has less G force.

With the Bungee types, since you have to gain amplitude, you really can't land on your heel first and push off with your toes as your calves will be begging you to stop in no time, at least for me.
I strongly recommend getting the balance bar so you can give your calves a rest. This is more of a recommendation with the larger sizes, not the 39 inch one.

​The noise is super quiet unless you sweat on the cords. Find a bungee cord that has been left outside for a while and pull it and you can hear what moisture does to rubber. The Bellicon has no offgassing like the Chinese imports although they have their pros an cons as you can adjust the tensions.

Picking out just the right tensile strength is not just about buying based on your weight. Most people that buy who just go by weight might buy the wrong strength cords. I strongly recommend getting a set of cords above and below the ones that you decide to get. Many times people like something firmer and others softer. If you are considering a Bellicon and want to get the right size and tensile strength, let me know on my rebounder quiz. When I have loaner bungee cords that you can try so you don't have to buy new ones, let me know. Tweaking just the right size and cord strength have to match equally to get just the right bounce.

If you are not sure if a bungee or spring is right for you, see my Bungee vs Spring page or
take my rebounder quiz here.
Buying the Bellicon is a serious investment. Going out all and pimping it out from adding the super thick protective cover to getting the super high end stainless steel frame (now has a 10 year warranty unlike their standard versions). I do not recommend aluminum frames. The expensive sold stainless high gauge steel frame of the Bellicon Premium version frame is super grounded and feels so much more rooted to the ground than the older generations. The legs screw in and never get stuck. If getting the non-premium version, I highly recommend getting the folding leg version. 
After trying all the Bellicon models, the 49 inch premium model is the only one I would consider. You will not have a problem with the frame warping as it uses the highest grade stainless steal. This is not the cheap import steel that other bungee rebounders use. (Note, if you want to try a bungee rebounder,
Costco is the largest distributor of bungee rebounders. Almost every Costco has a bungee rebounder section in their store. If you like it, then consider the Bellicon. After reviewing nearly every brand on the market, no rebounder gives a better workout than the 49 inch models with the largest bounce areas.
Bellicon rebounder selection: Yes, there are that many different variations. I prefer the black frame with black cords. I personally dont like looking at the lint. As you rotate the cords after every few workouts, the outer cord will rub off like the orange cords in the picture. You don't want the cords to say in the same place too long as once the outer orange part is rubbed off, you don't want to expose the rubber cord inside. The lint from the cords seem to clump together maybe from static but its a good thing as when I wipe the floor under it I never have any orange residue. It is very easy to wipe down.
If not buying the premium model, I strongly recommend the folding legs type.
This is a different padding/cover structure than the thick orange cover. Whichever cover you get they are all good and keep you from falling through the cords if you ever lose balance.
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