These two rebounders are totally different. The New Zealand Lymphaciser is made just and only for the Health bounce. If lymphatic drainage is not your only reason for buying a rebounder then it is not for you. Its great for cardio as you can run in place too but not high bouncing for toning. The Cellerciser, (digitally tempered version) is the best if someone wants to do toning, cardio and the Health bounce. The Cellerciser gives the softest, least jarring health bounce. The Lymphaciser gets more bounces per minutes but
if someone has a bad back or needs a more gentle bounce I recommend the Cellerciser.

These 2 rebounders are the best made in each category. The 2nd best lymphatic rebounder is the ReboundAir if someone is looking for the Health bounce and for multi purpose (toning, cardio and health bounce), then the Needak Soft bounce is my 2nd favorite after the Cellerciser. Put it this way, when I do a review of all my rebounders and the Cellerciser is taken out of the test, the Needak almost always wins.

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1. Do you have any problems with your foot inverting or pronation)?

2. Do you have any problems with your knees?

3. Are your connective tissue and joints sensitive to vertical impact, like as in jumping rope?

4. How is your balance when you are in motion?

5. Do you have any concerns with your weight?

6. Do you suffer from any back pain? 

7. Are you sensitive to petrochemical and plastic, vinyl, nylon leaching smells (vapors extracted by heat from synthetic materials)?

8. Are you interested in rebounding to improve your lymphatic system (lymph workouts, Health Bounce)?

9. Are you interested in rebounding as a low-effort form of fat burning doing cardio exercises?

10. Do you feel a rebounder that is too firm and too jarring will be a problem for you?

11. What is your weight range?

12. Is noise level an issue where you plan to rebound,( loud spring squeaking or loud bungee rubbing noises)?

13. Where do you plan to keep your rebounder mostly?

14. Are you going to need to move your rebounder from place to place?

15. Is fun an important factor in your rebounding routines?

16. If you are going to sweat a lot on the rebounder, how do you prefer to clean it?

17. Which quality grade of rebounder do you want?

18. Which rebounder are you most interested in?
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very much so
somewhat so
not at all (I have strong ankles)
very much
not really
very much so
somewhat so
not really
confident and sure
out of wack
somewhat troubled
yes, I'm overweight
no, I'm satisfied with my weight, thank you
yes, I'm underweight
yes, I have back pain
very much, seriously
not really
somewhat, it annoys me
very much so
not really
very much
not really
130 or below
130 to 180
180 to 300
very much
not really
outdoors uncovered
outdoors covered
very much
no, I am using it for therapeutic reasons
wipe it down and then dry it
get a non-rusting, sweat-resistant mat that doesn't have to be cleaned each time
Commercial Grade
Sporting good store Grade
Residential Grade
Professional Grade
very much so
not really
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