I give a free MIO dry skin brush with any rebounder. This is the highest end brush that never scratches my skin. Everyone that has called and told me they dry skin brush before they rebound has gotten the best results from rebounding.

I bought many cases of MIO brushes and I find it mandatory for anyone who has a problem with lymphatic drainage to use this.

When you buy a rebounder from me, if you need one of these brushes, let me know. I have enough to go around. I will put it in the box with the rebounder. If you want it later, and not at the same time, I will only charge the shipping which is about 7 bucks.
Rebounding helps pull out toxins in our tissues that are then carried to the liver where the toxins are changed form so they can be easily detoxed by the large intestine. Many people will have a strong underarm smell if their colon is really toxic. But, this only happens for a little while until most of the toxins are gone. Just bouncing without even leaving the mat can make this happen.

Just as important it is to remove wastes the lymph also carries nutrients TO the tissues. I eat a very concentrated green superfood as well as take about 1/8 of a teaspoon of a really aggressive probiotic so my colon can digest the toxins that are being eliminated from my tissues. The dead cells and bacteria that the lymph carries to the colon can just stick unless your colon is working right. It is very important to use an aggressive probiotic when starting rebounding.

If you look at your skin and it is inflamed and swollen it is a good sign your lymph fluid is thick and clogged up. Almost all the people I talk to that have some kind of illness have something related to poor lymphatic circulation. Most people are overweight because these toxins and acids have to be stored somewhere, which is our fat, so that the organs don't acidify. By pumping these toxins out of the fat and not just by burning tons of calories like most people do in the gym, the toxins can leach out of the fats. The reason most people lose weight on a rebounder is because the body doesn't have to store so much fat to hold the wastes.
Law of Gravity
Oil when poured into water... it floats. But, when you pour water into alcohol, it sinks. If you mix 50% water and alcohol, the water stays in the middle. The oil will actually stay in the center of the glass in a perfect sphere. If you study buoyancy and the effect of exercise on the emulsions in our blood and lymphatic system, it will help you pick which type of rebounder is better for you. A bungee or a spring model. One gives a throwing feel and the other more of a bumping feel into the air. One creates more of a hydraulic pump as it gives more bounces per minute and the other keeps the valves in the lymphatic vessels open longer to let more lymph through but has less force from a more constant g force. Depending on someone's body type and how they can handle the poisons dumped into the lymphatic system from their poisoned blood, one type is always preferred over the other. The last thing you want is to go into a healing crisis from your liver and organs not being able to process the waste faster than you are bouncing to eliminate. 4 teaspoons of lymph movement flushing into the liver per minute can be too much for some people. If your goal is to flush your lymph, not flushing enough can be just as much a disadvantage as moving too much. Typically, on rebounders that give the most bounces per minute at 3 g forces will offer the most flushing capacity. Depending on your weight and bounce style and if you have bad ankles or knees that can help me determine which rebounder to recommend that you will probably enjoy using the most.
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