When I would recommend the Needak Rebounder
This is my 2nd favorite multi purpose rebounder. When you get it, (note: they have a hard bounce model too that when doing the Health bounce with heavier people, I sometimes recommend this but not for jumping high for anyone under 200 pounds. When you get the Needak, to make sure its right for the Health bounce based on your weight, see how many bounces per minute you get when barely leaving the mat. Many people are too light or too heavy since it engages the entire spring.
The Needak Soft Bounce Rebounder has a very unique bounce. What makes this rebounder stand out from every other rebounder is that it has a soft bounce with 3.5 inch standard springs, nearly the same size as the Cellerciser that let's you do the Health Bounce and get the maximum bounces per minute with the longest, deepest flushes. You do have to change springs every year or two to get this incredible deep bounce that you usually only get this type of softness in the rebounders that have too much deceleration.

Over the years of selling the Needak rebounder, the only sacrifice to get this type of soft bounce quality is the constant change of springs every 2 years (note: based on one person using it. The springs should never break, just lose its initial tension,

The Needak rebounder utilizes the FULL,ENTIRE coils of its springs to give this soft bounce which gives fewer bounces than the Cellerciser. It has deeper flushes, longer decelerations but less G force. 

BECAUSE the entire spring is used in the bounce, it's the softest you can get. You want to do the Health bounce with no jarring, this is the one to get. It does invert more since the entire spring is engaged so you have to jump with your feet spaded out more but not as much as some others.
Are Needak Rebounder springs squeaky like a mouse?
Noise is a major factor here! The springs, since they have a very stretchable alloy, doesn't sound as harsh as other rebounder springs. When properly oiled, these springs are one of the quietest of all the rebounder springs we have tested.
Spring cover (comes with a foam rubber undercover backing)

Perhaps one of the greatest confusion is over the cover material for the springs is made of. For many years people wanted the vinyl spring cover with the foam backing. It gave people the illusion of substance and quality. However, over the course of many years or we found that the foam decomposed and the abrasion from the springs leaving foam pieces under the rebounder. The compounds which allow vinyl fabrics to bend & flex, break down, and the vinyl falls apart. Needak does not use the cheap unregulated PVC sprayed nylon mats that outgas noxious fumes into our homes. Every wondered what that New Car Smell is from? You don't get this with the latest Needak Rebounder. Of course you don't want to keep it in direct sunlight.

Needak has powder coated paint. They now do not use sprayed on paint that chips. Powder coated paint is chip resistant and won't flake and kids and dogs won't accidentally eat it. The paint they use is lead free and inert and can be put in landfills without issues. The new rubber feet on the latest Needak also uses synthetic rubber feet that do not mark up floors but if you are concerned over off gassing, make sure you are ok with rubber, otherwise look for feet that are Polymer. See my Rebounder Feet review.

Now, the newest Needak, after all the new upgraded components, it is now in the top 3 rebounders. The consumer will have a tougher decision to make when choosing one over the other when Needak is in the mix. As far as being used for toning, cardio, and the Health Bounce, this is my number 2 rebounder.
The springs are nicer than most and have a tapered look. These are the 2nd in weight to the Cellerciser which is 106 grams.
You won't see any part of the Needak® Rebounders made anywhere but inside the USA. 
Needak has in house quality control standards for their rebounders.
The Needak® is my favorite soft bounce spring rebounder. The springs are barrel shaped and have a
similar look to the tiered springs (tapers). The bounce is very soft and does not jar me like the other single tiered springs
that I have tried that use subpar quality springs. The Needak rebounder gives a great bounce for those that are concerned with jarring.

If you are going to get this rebounder you might want to know first if your ankles tend to pronate or invert when you jump. This does have a deeper bounce that most.
The Needak® is forty inches in diameter and rests 10 inches off the floor. This rebounder weighs in at 25 lbs. and can
hold up to 300 pounds safely. The Cellerciser is 39 pounds, about 14 pounds heavier.
This does have the Permatron material mat that is the best on the market.
Needak is a registered trademark and the Soft-Bounce is also a trademark of Needak Manufacturing in O'Neill, NE. Our comparisons are only based on the Needak Rebounders we have bought and have our experience with and our results are accurate to the best of our knowledge from all of our experience from our personal observations and our research. This page and our website is for informational purposes only.

Needak's Patented No Jarring Soft Steel Springs
UV Protected Permatron Rebounder Mat
High Quality Baked Enamel Paint Coated frame
Approved for doing the Health Bounce
Low noise from spring configuration (oiled)
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