Just when I found the orIginal hexagonal bungee from Europe, now these finally can be purchased for 99 dollars. Freaking shipping is 120, more than the rebounder itself. I do not like the bungee cords that come with this and these can be replaced by "higher end" cords and get a great quality bounce.

Although I don't recommend bungee rbounders for lymphatic cleansing as they don't have the "pop" or G force at the pop of the acceleration, they are good for working out. The hexagonal bungee will not invert your ankles like some of the larger round bungee models. The mat is 39 inches and the frame is 50 inches around. I am now seeing the hexagonal bungees in gyms all over now since they retail for 99 dollars. Finally these have come down in price after all these years.

If you are trying to decide on a spring or bungee rebounder, see my spring vs bungee page.
Availability of the Hexagonal Bungee Rebounder:
The Hexagonal bungees are now popping up everywhere in aerobic rooms. There are 2 places here that if you don't sign up way ahead of time and book your class in advance, you will be waiting months to sign up for a class, (well not months but it seems like it when you really want to try one of these. The Hexagonal rebounding classes are known for their glow in the dark with black lights and fast paced electronic music. The classes are very fast paced. I talked to one of the rebounder instructors on their opinion why they don't use circular ones. They basically confirmed everything I already know about pronation and inversion issues. One of the instructors had a Lympholine which is pretty rare.

What they told me was pretty funny. Once you go square, you don't go back to circles... or something of that nature but not exactly but I got the point.
Taking a class with the hexagonal bungees feels like going to a rave.  If you have any of those prism glasses laying around that you kept from one of the Pink Floyd concerts you went to, this is the time to take them out. At the end of the class my shirt is soaking wet with sweat and I feel more energized than any workout I've ever done.
For anyone considering a bungee rebounder, if you can afford to buy one of these European import rebounders, this is rebounding at its best. Put on your disco music, get one of those mirror balls on the ceiling, put some 70s music on,

The hexagonal bungee trampolines are just a step in the right direction from a round one. Defined sides increases balance of the round models. The sweet spot is also larger than even the largest round bungee one and the bounces are more consistant giving more control over the bounce but just not as much as a spring rebounder.

Remember, the bungees can be fun but as far as doing the Health Bounce and jumping with the sole purpose of trying to flush the wastes out of the body, the bungees are not for this.
See my Bungee VS Spring page.
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